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Five Mouthwatering Pizzas You Must Try

Pizza! Just the word will make your mouth water. From a five year old child to a fifty year old grandpa, everyone loves this delicious Italian food. You can hardly find someone who doesn’t like a pizza. Though an Italian dish, it has been so widely eaten all over the world that it is now the dish of each household. There are a variety of pizzas varying in size, ingredients and making depending on the country or neighborhood. The beauty of a pizza is that you can add toppings as you like. There is no set rules or mandatory ingredients. Depending upon the toppings, pizza are given different names. Cheese pizza, chicken pizza, paneer pizza and so on.

Here is a list of five pizzas that you must try the next time you are in a fast food roast beef restaurant that serves pizza –

Mediterranean pizza –

Pizza may be an European dish, but with a Mediterranean touch, it will spice up and become much more tasty. A Mediterranean pizza is made on a thin base with topping including tomato, spinach, feta cheese and ketchup. Some people even add olives and artichokes along with the other toppings. This is one of the most scrumptious pizzas that you can bite into.

Greek pizza –

The Greek pizza has a little different base. The pizza crust is baked on a shallow pan unlike the other pizza crusts which are baked in ovens or deep pans. The toppings are quite the same. Spinach, tomatoes, olives and cheese. While some people use feta cheese, others use mozzarella cheese.

New York style pizza –

You cannot call yourself a pizza lover if you have not eaten a New York styled pizza. New York is known for many food items, pizza is one of the most famous among them. New York people absolutely adore their pizzas. They love to eat them any time in the day. The New York styled pizza has a topping of onions, peppers and buffalo fingers. They can also contain olives and tomatoes. The crust is usually thin and made by hand tossing of the dough. Hence the crust is thin and yummy. They are usually served as wide slices.

Margarita pizza –

One of the most common and simple pizza that is available in all the pizza joints. A margarita pizza is simple, yet very tasty. This is one pizza that doesn’t have too many toppings, but still manages to seduce the eater. The toppings are merely mozzarella cheese, basil and tomatoes. Sauce is added to make it a bit flavorsome. This pizza is available both in thin crusts and thick crusts.

Mexican pizza –

A Mexican pizza is rustic and fun. It adds a touch of spicy Mexico to the sober pizza. The toppings are a lot sauces, cheese, tomato, olives, onions, jalapeno and hamburger to name a few. The crust is thick and tasty.

These are some of the types of pizza that you must try without missing. There are many other types of pizza too, like pizza with ground beef that you must try when you get a chance. 

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